SME credit: what solutions in Switzerland?

For small and medium-sized businesses established in Switzerland, finding a financing solution is all too often unnecessarily long and complex, in particular for small amounts. However, there are alternatives, you still need to know who to turn to! Our explanations.


The situation of SMEs in Switzerland

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In Switzerland, small and medium-sized enterprises represent just over 300,000 companies, which generate almost 3.5 million jobs (source: True cement of the economic fabric at the regional level, the SMEs thus represent the largest employers in Switzerland. However, access to SME credit remains difficult for these companies. Between too large administrative procedures to perform, a list of important documents to provide, and an often too long response time, obtaining an SME loan has become difficult! The interview with Mr Ruslan Menor, director of 24MultiLend illustrates this well. However, there are alternatives.


The alternatives to obtain an SME loan

The alternatives to obtain an SME loan

While companies too often turn to banks, they forget that some brokers also offer credit for SMEs. However, turning to a broker rather than a bank represents many advantages for a company looking for financing:

  • Speed ​​and simplicity of processing: the broker, with his experience, will save you precious time. In addition, taking full charge of your file will generally save you a lot of worry!
  • Credit conditions: where the banks are generally satisfied with a response, positive or not, to the credit request, the broker will defend, as an intermediary, the file of his clients with his financial partners. In addition, by contacting several banks if necessary, will generally be able to find the best possible offer.


Who to choose to process your SME loan request

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Hiring a broker is generally more profitable than going directly to banks. This is true for personal credit, but also SME credit. However, it is still necessary to contact the right broker who will know:

  • Treat your file for free.
  • Put its experience at your service, in order to make you benefit from the best possible loan conditions.
  • Take charge of your file, this in order to save you time and simplify the procedures.

Finally, the broker’s experience and his ability to process and defend your file is the key point when you want to apply for an SME loan. There are not many brokers offering to process SME requests, and we recommend that you contact a specialist such as Demo Lender Bank, who will be able to take charge of your file in order to offer you the best possible offer!