Passport loan and passport credit – are they possible?

One of the reasons for the high popularity of non-bank loans is the fact that they are associated with much less formalities than bank loans. Although banks are trying to move with the times, they do not have much room for maneuver on some issues. They are subject to the Banking Law, while the rules of operation of loan companies are regulated by the Civil Code. In that case, what can we expect if we are interested in a passport loan or a passport loan? Can I take a passport loan or is an online passport loan possible?

Is the passport an identity document?

Is the passport an identity document?


An identity document is an official official document which allows the identity of the person to be established. Therefore, not only your ID card falls into this category, but also:

  • passport
  • residence card
  • residence documents
  • seaman’s book
  • military booklet.

Importantly, the passport not only confirms the identity of the person, but also that he or she is the holder of a specific citizenship (i.e. in this case citizenship). With the help of a passport, we can primarily travel outside of the country, it may also be necessary abroad, for example, to buy alcohol or when applying to a university. Is the passport equally useful in the country? Unfortunately, no, because while it is an identity document, it is not at the same time an identity card – it only appears in one form and is compulsory for all citizens over 18 years of age, unlike a passport, which does not need to be issued. So if in any case a specific ID is needed and not just an ID, the passport will not be accepted.

Passport credit

Passport credit

We already know that when an ID card is required and not an ID document, we don’t get much with the passport. So can you take a passport loan? No, if we are citizens, because then we will be asked to present an ID card, which, as we mentioned above, is mandatory for all citizens over 18 years old. Banks will require both a passport and residence documents or residence card for persons who do not have citizenship. Obviously, they cannot require an ID card from them. On the other hand, in the case of our country’s citizens, it is a must-have. Without a personal ID, we will not create a current account and, in general, we will not carry out any other operation at the bank that would require verification of our identity. Therefore, if you change your ID card, it is worth informing the bank as soon as possible about a change in our data. In this way, we will save ourselves trouble in the future.

Passport loan

Passport loan

As already mentioned at the beginning, loan companies usually pride themselves on the minimum amount of formalities associated with incurring liabilities. Does this mean that an online passport loan is possible? In this case, we will also be disappointed, because although non-bank institutions have relatively few requirements for their clients, it is the possession of an ID card that is one of them. To obtain a loan from a non-bank institution:

  • have citizenship
  • have a number
  • have an ID card
  • be of legal age.

In addition, most loan companies use verification of potential borrowers by means of a transfer, so you will also need a bank account set up on the same data that you provided in the application. When applying for a loan, we will always be asked to provide data such as the expiry date, number and series of our ID card, and sometimes also the name of the authority that issued this document. Without completing them, our application will not be forwarded, and we are not able to provide the data contained in the passport instead. We may try to contact the lender individually, although in the traditional way, i.e. via the online form, we will not be able to obtain a loan using passport. There is a chance, however, that it will be possible, for example, in a company’s physical establishment, provided that the non-banking institution has one.

A loan without an ID card – is it possible?

A loan without an ID card - is it possible?

Unfortunately, a passport loan or passport loan is not possible. However, does it also mean that without an ID card in your hand we won’t be able to get any additional funds? Not necessarily. There are two situations in which a loan without an ID card will be available. We can get a loan without even having an ID card in your hand if:

  • we remember the evidence


  • we have already taken out a loan at a given loan company.

Loan companies do not require any confirmation that the identity card is actually in our possession. It is only required to provide the data that is contained in the application. So if we remember them or write them somewhere (although we should not do it for security reasons), all we have to do is enter them in the appropriate headings. This can be useful in many cases, for example if we are on vacation and we need a quick loan in 15 minutes, and we left the ID card for security at home. As for the latter case, here the situation is even simpler and not it even requires knowing the information on your ID card.